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Jump Ball Jam

About Game
  • Game title: Jump Ball Jam
  • Category: Action Games
  • Game ID on Flash Game: 1618
  • Game author: N/A
  • Total hits of the game: 27996 times
  • Best screen resolution: 600 x 400 pixels
  • Game instructions for Jump Ball Jam:
    Jump Ball Jam is an arcade game on in which you will jump to scramble the basketball. You will use your brave, skill and judgment in this game. Maybe you like playing basketball with your friend; you can ask your friend to play this game with. Once it begins, you will find that two boys are standing in the middle of the basketball court. They both look very nervous and strong. Three. Two. One. The basketball is hit to the sky. And then the two boys jump up to get the ball. You can use objective to knock your opponent in order to get the basketball. In the process of the game, you will find that you can use some weapons which are limited. There are ten rounds here. Do your best to defeat your opponent.
How to play
ifferent controls can be read inside the game. Player 1’s keys are, W, A, S, D, Space, Z, X, C, Y , A, D. Player 2’s keys are, arrow keys, enter, H, M, K, L.
Game Rating: 8.5 / 10 - 1 (Total 25 Rated!)
Jump Ball Jam Jump Ball Jam

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